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Join us; meet new people; enjoy a rewarding volunteer experience. Volunteer hours can be credited towards High School graduation requirements

Opportunities abound to help out:

Here is just a sampling of those we need to make the next Fair another great event.

Gatekeepers/Greeters:  provide information and directions to people at the arrival gates.  Responsible for handling money with regards to collecting entrance fees.

Setup/Knockdown Crew: required several days before the Fair to prepare for the Fair and the Sunday/Monday after the Fair to cleanup and put it all away.

Booth Crew: required to help man the Port Hope Fair booth and provide information to visitors of the booth/Fair.

Event helpers: required to assist the Director-in-charge of events such as, the Horse Show; setting up jumps, giving out ribbons, etc.

Board Members: required to help plan next year's fair. The Board meets the second Wednesday of each month at the Town Park Recreation Centre.

Contact Emily Field via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to add your name to the list of helpers.  We need hundreds of people during the Fair.