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Exhibitor Entry Form

Please click here to download the entry form

Please fill in your entries on the form. Print clearly keeping both copies together. One copy to be given or mailed to Secretary, one copy to be returned by exhibitor to the Secretary with winnings recorded within 10 days after the Fair. Print copies as needed.

Please click here to download the HORSE SHOW entry form


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Credit and Debit cards accepted    (no cashback)


Weekend Pass: Adults, Seniors, Students: $20

Friday: Everyone over 12: $8; Everyone 12 & under: Free*

Saturday and Sunday: Adults: $10; Students & Seniors: $8  Children 6 to 12 years: $ 2; under 6: Free 

*Children under 12 must be accompanied by adult to receive free admission

School passes may be used on Sat OR Sun.

Midway Unlimited Rides


  1. All Exhibitors, except Juniors 12 years and under, must be members of the Port Hope & District Agricultural Society. To obtain your membership card, send $7 for adults or $3 for 13 to 17 year olds with your entry form to the Secretary, PO Box 283, Port Hope, L1A 3W4. Your membership card entitles you to Fair entry.
  2. All entry forms, unless otherwise indicated, may be sent to the Secretary, PO Box 283 Port Hope ON L1A 3W4. Entry forms may also be submitted to the Secretary at the Town Park Recreation Centre on Tuesday September 12 from 4 to 7 pm, Thursday September 14 from 6 to 9 pm, and Friday September 15 from 8 to 11 am. Every exhibitor must complete the second copy of the entry form and give it to the Secretary within ten days after the Fair in order to collect prize money. Forms are available during the Fair from the Secretary.
  3. Animals or articles entered for competition must be the bona fide property of the persons showing them, and with the exception of animals must have been grown, produced, manu­factured or made during the twelve months prior to the Fair by the person or persons exhibiting them. Proof may be required.
  4. No one may enter more than one article in any class except horses, cattle and art.
  5. Exhibitors, except horse exhibitors, must be residents of the Province of Ontario.
  6. Should there be only one exhibitor in a section, the judges may use their own discretion as to awarding a prize, but shall only make an award if they consider the exhibit worthy of a prize.
  7. The decision of the judges shall be final except if any irregularity is claimed. Protests must be made to the Secretary on the day of the Fair.
  8. Seven Dollars will be retained by the Treasurer from total prize money awarded and amounting to Ten Dollars or more for the next year’s membership.
  9. The Treasurer will mail prize money following the Fair. Juniors may pick up their prize money from the Secretary during the Fair.
  10. Upon the discovery of any fraud, deception or dishonest practice in preparation or ownership, or in any misrepresentation concerning any article exhibited which may affect, or have been intended to affect the decision of the Judges, the Directors shall have the power to withhold payment of any prize awarded and may prohibit any such party or parties from ­exhibiting in any class for one or more years.
  11. Buildings are closed to the public while judging is in progress.


  1. Exhibits may be brought to the appropriate building Thursday evening from 6 to 9 pm. Art, Photography and Quilt exhibits must be received by 9 pm on Thursday evening.  All other entries must be taken to the appropriate building before 11 am on Friday, and given to the Director in charge of the correct section.
  2. The exhibit halls in the Town Park Recreation Centre will be closed at 4:15 pm on Sunday. No exhibited article shall be removed from any Exhibit Hall before 4:00 pm. Exhibits must be picked up between 4:30 and 5:30 pm on Sunday. All prizes awarded will be forfeited for infraction of this rule.
  3. No person, other than Judges, will be allowed to touch, taste or handle anything on exhibit.
  4. The Directors will use every precaution to ensure the safety of articles on exhibition, but will not be responsible for the value of any article that may be damaged, lost or stolen.


  1. Exhibitors of cattle must produce Herd Book Pedigree to the Directors if required.
  2. No livestock will be allowed to run at large on the show grounds during the Fair.
  3. Any person using a whip to excess, or in any way interfering with any other exhibitors, shall forfeit all prize money.
  4. Classes and awards must remain as listed.
  5. Free admission tickets will be issued to exhibitors as follows: Horses and Cattle one to two animals, one pass; each additional two animals, one pass.