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Weekend Pass: Adults, Seniors, Students: $15

Friday: Everyone over 12: $5; Everyone 12 & under: Free*

Saturday: Adults: $10; Children 6 to 12 years: $ 2; under 6: Free

Sunday: Everyone over 12: $10;  Everyone 12 & under: Free*


*Children under 12 must be accompanied by adult to receive free admission

Midway Unlimited Rides

We received over 100 draw entries for one of 10 free midway passes.

Congratulations to the following winners whom were contracted by phone following the draw held on 07Sep16

  • J. Reid, Cobourg
  • C. Schofield, Oshawa
  • J. Spencer, Port Hope
  • H. Vader, Port Hope
  • C. Croft, Port Hope
  • D. Angelo, Port Hope
  • M. Croft, Port Hope
  • J. McNulty, Cobourg
  • L. Meszaros, Port Hope
  • J. Nicholas, Port Hope

Enjoy the Fair!