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There are many opportunities to be an exhibitor at the Port Hope Fair.

Enter your best pie or the Butter Tart contest and maybe you'll be the next provincial winner.
Maybe your carrots are prize-winners or you have a drawing that you'd like to enter for judging.
Simply choose the Section(s) and class(es) that you would like to enter, either print an Exhibitor Entry Form or use the online process (coming soon) fill out the form, pay the membership fee (over 12 years old only) and bring your entry form and exhibits to the Fair. You can avoid the registration lineup and pay by mail or register on the Tuesday before the Fair.  When you register in advance you need only to drop off your entries on Thurs pm or Fri am.

See all the details in the Exhibitor Regulations here.

Download the Horse Show Exhibitor Form here.

Exhibitor Categories

Click on the category to get full details including dates, classes, prizes, rules and contact names and phone numbers. Details sheets are in Adobe pdf format.

Art Competition
Beef Cattle
Children's Pet Show
Farm & Field Crops and also Honey & Maple Syrup
Fruits & Vegetables
Goat Show 
 Hunter Jumper Horse Show      Download the Horse Show Entry form
Junior Competitions
Needlework, Fibre Arts & Quilts
Outdoor Competition
Plants & Flowers
Quilt Competitions