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The Port Hope & District Agricultural Society is a not for profit organization incorporated under the Ontario Agricultural and Horticultural Act.  The organization is a Canadian Registered Charity and a member of the Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies.  Governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, regular monthly meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month at the Town Park Recreation Centre beginning at 7:30pm. The Annual General Meeting is held the third Wednesday in January of each year. The fiscal year end is the thirtieth of November.


Board of Directors - 2018

Port Hope & District Agricultural Society


President Emily Field Whitby 905-666-9674
1st Vice-President Mike Stacey Port Hope 905-207-5599
2nd Vice President Todd Swain Port Hope 289-251-2870
Past - President Connie Martinell Campbellcroft 905-797-2088
Sec - Treasurer  Kerry McDonald Grafton 905-396-FAIR (3247)
Property/Site Mgr Gerry McParlan Port Hope 905-885-0236


Kevin Andrade 905-885-1833 Jeff Lees 905-885-8977
Paul Burnham 905-376-6577 Heather Miller 289-251-1716
Katie Buxton 905-376-2427 Kim Patton 905-396-9108
Cameron Davidson 905-372-3607 Candyce Sellers 905-797-9687
John Goheen 905-885-8261 Meghan Taylor 905-396-9644
Greta Holmes 905-885-9739    

Associate Directors

Gerry Atkinson
Dan Baker
Tom Beattie
Brian Bickle
Shelley/Dwayne Boughen
Roland Bowman
Phillip Boyko
Jen Burnham
Mark Burnham
Bruce & Cindy Buttar
Marleen Campbell
Allan Carruthers
Marilyn Curson
Jenny Davidson
Kathy Dennis
Carole Elliott
Melissa & Gary Emerson
Lisa Gibbs
Janelle Gladding
Travis Greydanus
Jim Hamilton
Joanne & David Jamieson
MaryLou & David Kellogg
Natalie Kellogg
Stan King
Ruth Lamb
Peggy & Paul Linton
Dan Lovshin
Pat McClean
Alan McCracken
Doreen McHolm
Kathryn McHolm
Betty McIntosh
Jennie & Don McNeil
Mary & Gary Meadows
Paulette Mouzer
Carrie Osborne
Britt Parker
Carolyn Ray
Jay Sherwin
Todd Smelt
Irra Sushchynskaya
Brian Taylor
Carol & Glenn Thompson
Joan Tooke
Judi Waymark

Kim Rudd, M.P. Northumberland-Peterborough South,
David Piccini, M.P.P. Northumberland - Peterborough South
Bob Sanderson, Mayor of the Municipality of Port Hope,
Mark Lovshin, Mayor of Hamilton Township

Lois Anderson, Bruce Buttar, Marilyn Curson, Jim Hamilton, Elaine Lake,
Gary Meadows, Doreen McHolm, Cathie Neundorff, Pat Nicol, Jay Sherwin,